Friends of Kasunko

Friends of Kasunko

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Kasunko’s Dream

Kasunko Chiefdom is located in the western part of Koinadugu District, in the northern region of Sierra Leone. It is often referred to as “the gateway to Koinadugu District”. Fadugu town is the centre of the Chiefdom, some 165 miles from the Capital Freetown, on the main and tarred road to Kabala, centre of the District.

The Kasunko Chiefdom has an estimated population of 20,000 people, divided into 10 sections, and is one of the poorest in the Country. With its communities far apart and lacking good roads, most people need to walk on foot from one place to another. Thus people suffer a lot from lack of quality education, of health services, of profitable trade, etc. The Chiefdom mainly subsists on survival agriculture and cattle rearing, having no mineral resources.

However the Chiefdom can boast peaceful living within its boundaries and among its three main tribal groups of Limba, Mandingo, and Fula, with minor difficulties between the farmers and cattle rearers.

One of the major obstacles to development in the Chiefdom is the lack of effective communication to and among the people. Radio reception from Makeni and Kabala is very poor because of the Chiefdom’s hills and mountains. Newspapers from Freetown can reach a few readers in Fadugu days after their publication date.

The need for a Radio Broadcasting Station centered in Fadugu and covering the whole chiefdom is therefore urgent. It will help Kasunko communities and surrounding communities, including Kayiben and it’s neighbours, to progress and thrive.

Our Appeal

We, the Friends of Kasunko, with enthusiastic support from all the communities of the Kasunko Chiefdom, are calling on Non-Government Organizations and people of good will to help us achieve this Dream.



A Radio Station to change lives