Achieving the Dream

The dream will be achieved goal by goal and with the ongoing enthusiasm and dedication of the Committee and the Communities.

GoalCost €ProgressDetails
LandthDonated by the community in Fadugu
ClearingthLabour provided by the youths of Kasunko.
Building MaterialsLocally donated funds and materials.
Building labourthPledged by the community.
Sound proofing
AC Power
1 x Generator – 10 KVA
Studio Equipment:
1 x Broadcast Mixing Console


1 x 'On-Air' Light


2 x Telephone Interface @ €180


1 x Telephone Software


1 x Soundtrack Radio Automation


1 x Digital FM Radio Monitor Tuner (Receiver)


1 x CD Player


4 x Microphone @ €140

€ 560

4 x Microphone Stands @ €75


4 x Microphone Shock Mounts @ €43


4 x Microphone Cables @ €8


4 x Headphones @ €38


1 x 30W Speaker Set


1 x Table Rack


2 x Output Cables @ €22


1 x Laptop PC
Transmitter Site:
1 x 500W FM Exciter (Transmitter)


1 X Audio FM Broadcast Processor Kit


1 x 4-dipole Broadband Antennae System


2 x Lightning Protectors @ €30


1 x 80m roll Feeder Cable


1 x Adapter


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Support the Dream

Prices for the Studio and Transmitter Site equipment have been quoted by Broadcast Store Europe based in Aabenraa, Denmark.  BSE are leading distributers of broadcast, studio and electronic equipment and serve customers all over the world.

Supporters may choose to help by making a straight donation or pledging to pay for a specific item of equipment.

The Youth of Kasunko join with The Friends Committee to clear the land for building.



Friends of Kasunko meet regularly to develop their plan and advance the dream. They are keeping community motivation high with their passion as evidenced in this recent address:

‘Good evening Kasunko. ‘Nelson Mandella once said that Education is the route to success of a nation. Kasunko will develop only with the requirements of a standard education. ‘Education is the life-long process learning through which members of a society aquire knowledge and developed skills, ideas, values, norms and attitude which they share with other members of the society. Educational systems are culture-specific, promoting norms as a vein of cultural existence. Therefore education may be understood as the transmitter of culture. ‘In this case, we need not to blame the ministry, head teacher or the teachers. Let us don’t be afraid to cast the blame on the stakeholders and the parents. They are the people responsible. They believe in their culture more than educating a child, especially the girl-child. Culture does not simply “exist” somewhere waiting to be discovered. It was invented by people. Therefore, it is high time we encourage our stakeholders, parents etc. to follow the interdependent systems or elements that consist of ideas, beliefs, values and ways of reasoning that human beings learn to accept in defining what is desirable and undesirable. ‘Now, is the Dream desirable? “YES!” Radio Kasunko will be an immediate rescue to the retrogression. Communication is Education. Education is communication. They are mutually related ideological systems. ‘Radio Kasunko will help in the creation of skills, crafts and arts that will enable us to produce material goods derived from our natural environment through technological systems. ‘The Dream will encourage our fathers, brothers and other relatives to raise their knowledge about the importance of education through dissemination of information. It will encourage our people to afford communication systems like radios, etc. ‘Once more, it’s high time we try to coordinate effectively towards achieving The DREAM.’