Education for Yiben

With help from Mallam and international friends, the Yiben community built themselves a multi-classroom primary school, against the odds, in 2012. This brought life to their education journey. Now their first students have graduated from Senior Secondary School.

Healthcare for Yiben

In 2015 the community focus turned to healthcare. If we could help, they would build the structure and the government would service it. Again Malam would coordinate the work. We began to fundraise and their Maternal and Child Health Post came into service in 2019.

Clean Water for Yiben

Traditionally water was carried uphill from the river or streams, which all carry life-threatening parasites and harmful bacteria. Clean water wells were essential for a healthier community and were required for government approval of both the school and the health clinic.

Improved Access

The key to better support and services is easier access. Boat transport has been a game changer in helping to overcome the challenges of isolation and deprivation. It provides transport for staff, students, patients and a weekly community service to Fadugu.

Every donation for education and healthcare improves a child's future, strengthens their community and helps to overcome poverty.