Community Spirit

The people of Yiben and surrounding villages are some of the most isolated and disadvantaged in one of the poorest countries in the world. Even so, they display a warmth, optimism and community spirit that is characteristic throughout their nation.

Building a Health Clinic

In 2012 the village built a school. The work proceeded according to the seasons and in some way involved almost every member of the community. In 2016, they built a Health Clinic.

Happy Kids

Education is highly valued and the community are very proud of the ongoing development of their school. Modern Healthcare is now a major priority and they need our help.

Gympie Connection

When Gympie girl, Amy Coates volunteered her nursing and midwifery skills in Sierra Leone in 2009, she created the circumstances that have led to a lasting connection between Gympie and the people of Yiben.

More about our work

  • Why Sierra Leone?

      Some of the most treatable diseases – malaria, diarrhoea and respiratory infections are the most common causes of illness and death in Sierra Leone. Pregnant and breastfeeding women and children under 5 are the most vulnerable.       If you would like to support a registered, tax-deductible project run by dedicated volunteers and sponsors, and […]

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  • Yiben’s awesome leaders

    Serah, the Mammy Queen and her husband, Chief Bangalie are the power behind the community’s efforts to bring their national health services to themselves. Both spoke eloquently in Limba (with translation for the Aussie visitors) at the opening celebrations of Stage 1. As the women’s leader, Serah voiced their long frustrated efforts to be included even in bednet distribution and parasite control because […]

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  • Download and share our brochure

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