Community Spirit

The people of Kayiben and surrounding villages are some of the most isolated and disadvantaged in one of the poorest countries in the world. Even so, they display a warmth, optimism and community spirit that is characteristic throughout their nation.

Building a Health Clinic

In 2012 the village built a school. The work proceeded according to the seasons and in some way involved almost every member of the community. In 2016, they have repeated the exercise and built a Health Clinic.

Happy Kids

Education is highly valued and the community are very proud of the ongoing development of their school. Modern Healthcare is now a major priority and they need our help.

Gympie Connection

When Gympie girl, Amy Coates decided to volunteer her nursing and midwifery skills in Sierra Leone in 2009, she created a series of circumstances that have led to a lasting connection between Gympie and the people of Kayiben.

SET4LIFE Australia - Latest News

  • Stage 1, the Maternal and Child Health Clinic, is complete!

    Just seven months after construction began, the clinic building is complete – a secure, national-standard building that is recognisable by its design and paint work as a health facility. Congratulations to Mallam, Farner the builder and the entire community who have worked so hard to achieve this development for themselves. Toilets, rainwater tanks, furniture and equipment are […]

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  • Yiben is on the national health map

    Throughout Sierra Leone 1 in 5 children dies before their fifth birthday. They die from common, preventable causes such as malaria, respiratory diseases, diarrhoeal diseases and a range of diseases that have been largely eliminated in the western world by immunisation – tuberculosis, polio, tetanus, diphtheria, measles, hepatitis B and yellow fever.  In July this year, Yiben was included in a national immunisation program […]

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  • Update on the clean water project…

    Well-building is tricky in this part of the world as it depends on the seasonal cycle and the height of the water table. An unexpectedly early and extreme wet season last year brought work to a sudden stop just when casing a successful hole was about to begin. The contractor is now expecting to be able to […]

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  • Calling for concrete assistance….

    Can you help? Construction is underway and approx. 200 more bags of cement are urgently needed to complete stage 1 and the toilet block. A 50 kg bag of cement plus transportation is just $20. You could help build the clinic by buying just one or more bags.  While mudbricks form the basic structure, for long-term durability against the torrential wet seasons, cement must be […]

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  • A ‘window for action’

    The Healthcare Centre and services are to be developed over three stages and, thanks to Mallam and the Healthcare Committee, construction is about to begin!  Stage 1, a Day Clinic (and Toilet Block), will provide standard treatment and advice for common conditions, access to immunisation programs, and special monitoring and care for the most vulnerable – mothers, babies and children under 5. […]

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  • Reason to party…..

      Singing and dancing into the night marked the latest gathering of 13 communities in the village of Yiben. They were celebrating the next step in the process of bringing healthcare to their region – the formation of their executive Healthcare Committee. Its members represent each village that will contribute to and benefit from the project. […]

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  • Healthcare for Yiben

    SET4LIFE Australia has committed to help bring healthcare education and services to Yiben and approximately 12 neighbouring communities. It was an easy decision based on the fundamental need for access to medical aid, Mallam’s vision and drive and the resolve of our Set4Life friends in the UK to provide for all the ongoing requirements of […]

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  • First project – Clean water

    Providing access to clean water is our first project as SET4LIFE Australia. We are funding an upgrade to the well that was sunk in 2014. Difficulties encountered with rock forced this well to be finished in traditional style – an uncased pit requiring a bucket. While this provides water for gardens,  it is not clean enough to drink so does not satisfy the government’s requirements for registering the school. The new well will be cased, capped and equipped […]

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  • ‘You are our light.’

    Five Yiben students have just completed a very successful first term with EducAid. Director, Miriam Mason-Sesay, has provided places at their Maronka School for the Class 6 students this year to boost their academic levels and help prepare them for Secondary School Entrance Exams. It was was a brave step for the children to venture out of their tiny village into the big unknown […]

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  • EducAid’s Approach

    So happy to endorse EducAid’s highly successful approach to education in Sierra Leone and their support of the Yiben Community School: “We do cover the same materials as other schools but we do not necessarily do it in the same way. “We believe in a skills first approach. This means that all students arriving at EducAid go […]

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