The Team

Local Project Manager, Minkailu Bantama (Mallam), works with the community, local chiefs and district health officials to prioritise the needs, organise the work required and oversee the projects. Our S4LA team is committed to funding the projects and supporting Mallam and the people of Kayiben to progress with their development goals.

We thank our generous, volunteers, sponsors and supporters for helping to improve lives in Kayiben and the surrounding communities. 


SET4LIFE Australia is proud to work with Mallam who is a Salone national and a member of the Fula tribe, renowned for their organisational skills and values. He lives in the tiny township of Kafogo Kasunko, not far from Fadugu but four hours walk from Yiben. Mallam has worked as an official interpreter and guide for the local area and a community health worker for Care International. He is a dedicated and tireless advocate for Kayiben. As a progressive elder in his own community, he would like to see the same opportunities for the people of Yiben.

Mallam's vision for development is broader than the original project of building a school. He sees education as the key to development and access to health services as a priority. The villagers have spoken repeatedly about their need for healthcare and Mallam has advocated for a health clinic and dispensary to service Yiben and the surrounding villages. He sees this as the natural progression when the school is registered and Yiben becomes a recognised hub for the area.

In his spare time, Mallam involves himself in other community work such as promoting immunisation programs for the health clinic in Fadugu. He has become an active member and Treasurer of a new group called Friends of Kasunko who are raising funds to establish a community radio station located in Fadugu. Mallam's main purpose in becoming involved in this project is that the radio will serve an area, including Yiben, where there is currently little communication with the outside world.

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Andre van Putten
Electrical Designer and Marine Engineer, World Sailor, Handy-man of many trades and Kayiben Supporter extraordinaire.
Jude Coates
Primary teacher, Information, Resource and Curriculum Specialist, Trustee for UK-based Set4Life until 2015, friend and 'de Mummy' to Kayiben.
Rita O’Neill
Secondary teacher, Extra-curricular Volunteer, Community Arts Leader, Co-ordinator and Mentor of Kayiben Drummers.
KBKaren Blackburn
Teacher of Early Childhood, Primary, Special Ed and English as a Second Language, Taught in Canada, Germany and Italy. (Where next – Salone?)
imageJames Lindsay
Economist, Software Engineer and IT Specialist, Website Designer & Manager, Gympie Friendly Society Director, Community Supporter.
imageAmy Coates
Registered Nurse and Midwife, Public Health Strategist and Project Manager experienced in Health Development in Sierra Leone, and fluent in Krio.

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