• EducAid’s Approach

    So happy to endorse EducAid’s highly successful approach to education in Sierra Leone and their support of the Yiben Community School:

    “We do cover the same materials as other schools but we do not necessarily do it in the same way.

    “We believe in a skills first approach. This means that all students arriving at EducAid go through a class where they build literacy, numeracy, thinking and independent learning skills before they are allowed near any other subjects.

    “This strategy ensures that thinking learning takes place. Equally, it ensures that nobody is delayed or accelerated for someone else’s sake but that everyone moves at the pace that best suits their needs, experience and abilities. Having acquired a certain standard, and passed the test to prove it [the opportunity is given every two weeks to sit the promotion test], students move into exam preparation classes where they work at their own pace through pre-prepared modules covering all the exam subjects. The teacher marks, guides, facilitates and sets targets. Students are thus encouraged to take control of and responsibility for their own learning.

    “In EducAid, education is not about just passing exams or getting the qualifications to get you a good job.

    “In EducAid, education is the discovery and the development of every aspect of who you are and who you could be.

    “Our holistic programme of activities ensures that everyone has opportunities to develop academically, socially, spiritually, morally, creatively, physically, mentally and emotionally.”

    This inspiring organisation, directed by Miriam Mason-Sesay, runs a network of free schools in Sierra Leone, providing top-quality education and support to vulnerable young Sierra Leoneans.

    As part of their commitment to education in Sierra Leone, they also run an outreach program for other schools.  Yiben teachers, Mr Michael Kamara and Mr Deric Mansaray, have already attended their Literacy and Numeracy workshops.

    Miriam has offered assessment and standards advice and operational ideas to help them achieve quality results. She has also offered high school places for our graduates so they have a continuous learning pathway.

        Read more about EducAid’s schools and programs.

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